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Recipes were the starting point of Jack’s Food Blog, and they’re still the area where we see the most interest from our readers. Take a look through some of our favourite recipes here. We specialise in batch cooking recipes and one pot favourites.

The classics

Linguica Pasta Sauce

View our Linguica pasta sauce recipe here

Chicken Jambalaya

View our hearty chicken Jambalaya recipe here

Tomato & Chilli Batch Sauce

View our classic tomato and chilli pasta sauce recipe here

Off the beaten track

These recipes are great if you fancy something a bit different to your usual kitchen essentials. Expect big, impactful flavours.

Moroccan Chicken

Discover this fragrant, tangy and distinctive Moroccan Chicken Recipe

Jalapeno Falafels Recipe

Indulgent and delicious Jalapenos are a reliable crowd-pleaser

How to Make Sourdough

It’s not easy, but it’s always worth making fresh sourdough

My Favourite Pasta recipes

If there’s one thing we do more than anything else at Jack’s Food Blog, it’s create pasta sauce recipes. Discover the best of the collection here.

Chestnut, Fennel and Sausage Pasta


If you’re looking for a warming winter one pot dish this is a good choice

Creamy Pappardelle Recipe

Hard to beat a creamy, cheesy pasta sauce – try this one our

Braised Pork Batch Pasta Recipe

Slow cooking pork always brings out a whole load of flavour – enjoy

I hope you’ve enjoyed this curated list of our top recipes. Hopefully there’s been something here which suits your needs. If not, you can view all of our latest posts at the bottom of this page.

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