The Best 25 Vegan Food Blogs to Follow in 2020 – Top Recipe Sites Ranked

Going vegan is tough, but it’s a diet choice that more and more people are choosing to make. Whether it’s the environmental, health or ethical reasons which are spurring you on, it’s a lifestyle choice which makes a difference to how you experience food for the rest of your life.

Before making the change, people often say how limiting they feel veganism is. No meat, no fish, and no cheese – how’s that going to work?! However, as I hope the amazing blogs featured here will show you, going vegan also allows you to be more creative with your food than ever before. As they say, limitations breed innovations – that’s exactly what these fantastic bloggers have achieved.

So, without further ado, here are my recommendations for 2020’s top vegan food bloggers. This is based on a mix of my own experience of the recipes, as well as recommendations I’ve had from friends into their vegan cooking. As well as sharing a screenshot from each site, I’ve taken an excerpt from their sites, giving them a chance in their own words to sell their sites to you! Enjoy

  1. Vegan Richa – Vegan Food Blog with Healthy and Flavorful Vegan Recipes

  2. Oh She Glows – An award-winning vegan recipe website that will please vegans and omnivores alike.

  3. Obviously Vegan – I’ve discovered just how easy (and delicious) it is to be vegan, and I want to share that with you.

  4. The Veg Space  – The Veg Space is packed with easy recipes for vegan comfort food. From speedy weeknight suppers to easy vegan baking, these tried and tested recipes are big on flavour and simple to make with no weird ingredients.

  5. Oopsvegan – We help you eat less meat and dairy, discover ethical products, help the planet, and feel amazing!

  6. Cook Veggielicious – Cook Veggielicious is a vegan food blog by Mandy Mazliah. Plant based recipes that make the most of seasonal vegetables as well as vegan sweet treats.

  7. The First Mess – A healthy food blog with delicious, plant-based recipes.

  8. Hot for Food -Lauren Toyota is hot for food, as long as it’s vegan! She has a knack for creating vegan versions of popular comfort foods.

  9. Romy London – Healthy vegan food and lifestyle blogger sharing easy vegan recipes, vegan lifestyle, travel & events around London, UK.

  10. Vegan Miam – An international vegan food blog with recipes inspired by the travels and experiences of Rika & Doni

  11. Ela Vegan – Simple, healthy and delicious vegan recipes. Made with whole food ingredients, always plant-based, refined sugar-free and gluten-free.

  12. Yup It’s Vegan – Browse hundreds of whole food, plant-based recipes that are BIG on flavor but 100% free of animal products: no meat, fish, eggs, dairy, or honey. Being vegan never tasted so good!

  13. Crazy Vegan Kitchen – Fun & Healthy Vegan Blog Where Crazy Meets Cooking! Yummy, Easy Vegan Recipes From Professionally Trained Le Cordon Bleu Chef ✓ Let’s Go Crazy Cooking!

  14. The Vegan Italian Kitchen – Find delicious dairy, egg and meat free vegan Italian recipes, travel tips and more.

  15. The Little London Vegan – Eating Vegan in London & Beyond – Restaurant reviews & product reviews. Chief Vegan Officer at Papa John’s. Food Consultant. Anti food waste. Come for the food, stay for the puns.

  16. Made By Luci – Hi, I’m Luci, I’m a plant-based food lover from the UK. I post up anything that I love: from healthy dinners, to not so healthy baking adventures… Plus the occasional review, and the odd ramble.

  17. Mouthwatering Vegan – Leading the vegan food revolution with some of the best plant-based recipes on the planet

  18. The Tofu Diaries – Vegan blogger in Leeds, UK. Vegan food, travel and living a cruelty-free lifestyle.

  19. Rebel Recipes – These are my vegan recipes for real life. My food unashamedly for foodies. It’s about pleasure, vibrancy and flavour. There are super healthy salads through to gratifying treats. It’s about thoughtful eating.

  20. Beach House Kitchen – Croeso! (Welcome!) to the Beach House Kitchen!  We are a Welsh hill-side refuge for lovers of hearty and healthy vegan food; real simple, home cooked fare using seasonal and local produce with regular global twists.  Our food is always bursting with bold flavours and bags of creativity.  Food to make you sparkle and zing!

  21. Love and Lemons – Recipes and tips from Jeanine Donofrio, writer of The Love and Lemons Cookbook. Includes vegetarian recipes, gluten free recipes, and vegan recipes.

  22. Straight Up Food – Healthy and delicious vegan recipes using no salt, sugar or oil.

  23. The Simple Veganista is a vegan food blog with simple vegan recipes everyone will love! Browse hundreds of healthy, affordable and easy-to-make whole food, plant based recipes, from breakfast, lunch and dinner, and everything in between!

  24. The Vegan Food Blog – Going vegan can be a tough road at first, but it only gets easier with time. For more helpful tips, recipes and motivation, visit The Vegan Food Blog.

  25. The Korean Vegan – Healthy and Not-So-Healthy Plant Based Recipes.

So there you have it, my top picks of the best vegan bloggers of 2020. Let me know in the comments if you think there are any others which should have made the list. I’ll definitely consider them!

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